Track record partnership for real time charging

Computaris has created a highly specialized team in SAP Convergent Charging, SAP Mediation and SAP Convergent Invoicing, consisting of solution architects, system architects, system integrators, support engineers, Java programmers, and project managers responsible for coordination of deployment and support.Besides the actual SAP integration into the operator’s network, Computaris can handle subscriber migration between systems and provide support according to the agreed service plan.

Computaris expertise in SAP CC solutions

  • Consultancy, training, support and presales activities for local SAP partners throughout Europe and Asia
  • End-to-end deployment of SAP convergent charging solution to mobile operators
  • Performance improvement for large SAP convergent charging deployment
  • Providing SAP AG with subject matter expertise to configure new business models

Selected References

  • Full deployment of fully fledged XOX MVNO in Malaysia based on former Highdeal Transactive
  • Design, configuration, deployment and integration of a mediation and rating system based on SAP CC 2.0 for Cablenet Cyprus – triple play operator
  • Support for Asian System Integrator in deployment, training, tariffs configuration and integration of SAP CC 2.0 for IPTV operator
  • Resolved performance issues for large Highdeal deployment (now SAP CC) in India and Greece
  • Presales activities and support for several projects around SAP CC around Europe and Asia
    SAP CC 2.0 consultancy services for large SAP VARs
  • Providing SAP AG with subject matter expertise to configure new business models and proof of concept (POC) in central labs
  • Design of SAP CC part for C2C POC for operators SingTel Singapore and Optus Australia

Computaris Outsourcing Services

Learn what makes Computaris Outsourcing Services stand out and how your Telecoms project can benefit from the company’s flexible pricing and engagement models. We are also sharing Computaris’ view on software development outsourcing and specific use cases from the company’s proven telecom system integration and software development expertise.

Service innovation empowered by state-of-art mediation platform

Computaris has nurtured a long term strategic partnership with Digital Route – leading vendor offering best-of-breed mediation to telecom network and service providers worldwide. MediationZone from DigitalRoute has over 260 deployments worldwide and supports any combination of online/offline and active/bi-directional mediation of voice, data and content services, with carrier-grade functionality and unparalleled flexibility. Computaris has created a team of reliable and skillful MediationZone experts, capable of presenting the product in front of the end customers, deliver complex projects as system integrator or handle simple customization projects.

Mediation skills

Technical presales
System architecture and integration
Maintenance & support

Selected references

  • Major operator in Eastern Europe – Maintenance and Support for the whole mediation platform (batch and online mediation) based on MediationZone and development of new services
  • MediationZone/Service Broker based integration of data services with Comverse system – Operator in Eastern Europe
  • MediationZone/Service Broker based integration of a Realtime Prepaid system – Operator in Australia
  • MediationZone based integration of data services – large operator in US

Computaris Outsourcing Services

Learn what makes Computaris Outsourcing Services stand out and how your Telecoms project can benefit from the company’s flexible pricing and engagement models. We are also sharing Computaris’ view on software development outsourcing and specific use cases from the company’s proven telecom system integration and software development expertise.

Improving service agility for a fast connecting world

JAIN/SLEE technology has been utilised in Computaris since early 2008 and OpenCloud Rhino was chosen as the ground basis for our skills development since the beginning. OpenCloud solution is the world leading converged carrier-grade Telecom Application Server (TAS) for cost-effective, agile delivery of Java-based telecommunication services.
Rhino Telecoms Application Server complies with both Java telecom application server standards – JAIN SLEE (JSLEE) and SIP Servlet. The Rhino TAS is the foundation product in the OpenCloud Rhino suite. Computaris has an excellent knowledge of NGIN architectures and a broad experience in designing, creating and implementing services on top of Rhino JAIN SLEE platform. We have created an experienced team of JAIN/SLEE experts from Software Testers to Solution Architects. Most of the JAIN/SLEE services we delivered were developed by Computaris from scratch and deployed in production.

Selected development & deployment references

  • IN-SCP – IN Service Control Point solution for voice services using CAMEL (1,2,3), MAP and Diameter protocols
  • Online Charging Server – an online charging solution for Data and event based services, using Diameter protocol (Base, Ro, Re, Rc), supporting Immediate Event Charging (IEC), Event Charging with Unit Reservation (ECUR) and Session Charging with Unit Reservation (SCUR)
  • Number Normalization Service – service responsible for numbers normalization based on specific rules stored in JAIN/SLEE profiles
  • USSD Gateway/Self Care – Self Care solution using USSD codes along with MAP and Diameter protocols, which enabled a convenient access to the account management functionalities for the operator’s customers
  • Dial Through – a service which enabled routing optimization for the customers under foreign network operator and redirecting them in the manner most desirable for the home network operator. CGIN RA and CAMEL (1,2), MAP and Diameter protocols were used
  • TSAN Proxy – another variant of Dial Through service described above, built upon CAMEL (1,2) and SIP protocols
  • Welcome-SMS service built on top of MAP and SMPP protocols
  • Other developed services: Mobile Number Portability, SIP Call Control, SMS-Router, SMS-Storage, MCH (Missed Call Handling)

Single platform to introduce unified, standards-compliant network policy control

Sandvine provides a single platform to introduce unified, standards-compliant network policy control into any fixed, mobile or converged access network, at any scale. Supported by Sandvine technology, operators get earlier access to a wider range of tools and more powerful capabilities, letting them implement countless use cases across a range of business needs, from measuring video quality of experience (QoE), to deploying new subscriber services using our integrated charging capabilities, to extending infrastructure lifetime.
Together with partners such as Computaris, Sandvine was able to extend their reach across a customer base of more than 250 operators. Computaris is familiar with Sandvine technology since 2011; since then we have been involved in Sandvine related technology projects including end-to-end solution integration.

A noteworthy reference would be the end-to-end solution integration for an Eastern European operator with 13 million subscribers, from business requirements through to actual solution customization, deployment and support; The use cases covered include the policy enforcements, network analytics, real-time charging and the record generator.

Sandvine technology differentiators

One Platform, Many Solutions
Sandvine’s Policy Engine
Any Access, Any Scale
Traffic Classification
Standards and Interfaces

Combine technology and marketing know-how to deliver ARPU growth and churn reduction

Lumata is the leading global provider of real-time customer lifecycle management, advertising, and data monetisation software and services. Lumata provide operators, brands and advertisers with the tools and marketing expertise to unlock the value in their data.  Lumata’s CLM solution, Expression uniquely integrates predictive analytics, campaign management and offer optimisation modules in a single interface, enabling marketers to rapidly configure, deploy and analyse their CLM activities.
Based on Lumata products, Computaris can deliver solutions that combine technology and marketing know-how to deliver ARPU growth and churn reduction through highly differentiated marketing programs.

Lumata solution benefits:

  • Real-Time Marketing solutions for ARPU stimulation, upsell and cross-sell.
  • Lumata’s Real-time Offer Management solution brings alive any loyalty programme with highly personalised and relevant offers thus maximising engagement for your loyalty spend
  • Lumata’s Content Monetisation solutions are designed to remove the complexity of managing a network of content providers, improving subscriber satisfaction, and increasing revenue opportunities through targeted promotions
  • Churn reduction based on prediction efficiency and accuracy and on the capacity to select the best campaign and offer for each subscriber
  • Lumata’s Customer Data Monetisation solution can help turn Telco’s SMS inventory and customer data assets into revenue through advertising opportunities
acisionAcision is a leading mobile data solutions provider and the pioneer of mobile messaging, providing communication solutions to over 230 network operators and service providers globally. As the messaging partner of choice, its proven products and services, experienced people and leading service innovation allow organizations to meet the challenges of today’s converging telecommunications market.
amdocsBridgewater Systems (now part of Amdocs) , the leader in intelligent broadband controls, provides pre-integrated solutions for mobile and converged operators to transform their networks, optimize mobile data growth, and innovate with new services. Its portfolio of carrier-grade products includes Service Controller (AAA), Policy Controller (PCRF) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS), anchored by a common identity and device management system. More than 150 leading service providers worldwide leverage Bridgewater, to create and deliver profitable services.
Mi-payMi-pay focuses on providing simple solutions to often complex challenges by using their integrity to provide a personal and supportive approach that creates better experiences, better processes and better results. The company’s experience covers all aspects of payment processing operations, especially for mobile top-up and international calling cards.
openwaveOpenwave Messaging is the leading global provider of innovative messaging software solutions. The company’s Universal Messaging Suite provides a powerful, open and flexible, complete messaging environment optimized for today’s most complex messaging requirements, including millions of mailboxes, security controls, identity management, and ease of integration with both internal systems and external partners.
OracleOracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Redwood City, California, US. The company specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products – particularly its own brands of database management systems. The company also builds tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, ERP software, CRM software and SCM (supply chain management) SCM software.
sysnetSysnet is a service and solutions provider for tele-communications companies. It has a strong presence in the Philippines and completed several projects in different parts of the world, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, USA, and United Kingdom. To date, the company commissioned more than 2,000 independent BTS installations and more than 90,000 ports of Computer Telephony projects as value added services for mobile, fixed and next generation networks.