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How rule engines can help achieve business agility of telco IT systems

In discussing how rule engines can help achieve business agility of telco IT systems we focus on three essential requirements of the operators regarding telecom software solutions: high flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness. We share from our experience


Infographic: Romania’s key success factors in nearshore and offshore software outsourcing

A 2016 report of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) describes Romania as a major IT hub in Eastern Europe and an attractive nearshore software development location for worldwide customers. “Discovering Romania as a Business Hub” provides interesting figures


How we support Agile teams in estimates

The context for how we, Scrum Masters in Computaris, support our Agile teams in estimates is given by the specific challenges of the telecom industry. We activate in an industry where our software must be up 99.999% of the time,


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