Computaris loyalty and churn expertise helps you target the right customers with the right actions at the right time

Retention and ARPU increase throughout the customer journey are essential to maintaining a healthy business in telecom. Most markets have grown to the point where differences between operators offerings are minimal, and brand alone or captive offerings do not guarantee loyalty. Mass campaigns and direct field sales are here to stay, but an individual understanding of the customer and a personalized communication and offering is required to boost spending and reduce churn.
Computaris has been developing and deploying Loyalty Management solutions for more than 10 years, and we have grown along with the market and adapted to new trends, understanding how customers behave these days and how technology can truly ensure a loyal subscriber base and increase the turnover.
We can help you implement straightforward solutions from simple rewards based promotions to advanced prediction based campaigns, where personalized offerings are created based on the individual needs, spending and activity. From the implementation perspective, we are familiar with different approaches, from full blown standalone loyalty systems, to specific approaches where the logic is implemented directly in the existing charging system.

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Loyalty campaigns implementation for Asian MVNO XOX
Loyalty campaigns implementation straight in the charging system for Asian MVNO XOX; to emphasize a couple of relevant campaigns:
  • “Member get Member” – allows existing subscribers to recommend new subscribers and get incentives based on their activity for a limited period once joining the network or when they top-up or pay their bills
  • “Voucher Lottery” – allows the MVNO to randomly reward subscribers based on the reload activity in a certain period
Viral campaign development for major tier 1 European operator
Ongoing development and maintenance for an Eastern European Tier 1 operator
Complete loyalty and churn solution to Asian MVNO PLDT
Broad range of loyalty solution based campaigns for an Asian mobile operator
Loyalty campaigns implementations for INWI - African Telecom Operator