Value Added Services

Value added services understanding varies across industry; we have delivered solutions covering a significant part of what is today considered VAS, including SMSC/SMSC-R, MMS, USSD services, Location Based Services, Ring Back Tone, Missed Call Alert, VoiceMail, IVR, etc. The implementations included usage of existing platforms which were adapted and integrated in the customer’s network, and also development of customized solutions where needed.

As a significant trend in the industry, we see the tendency to consolidate VAS into single platforms, either proprietary, either through development on open applications servers such as JAIN SLEE platforms. We are proud to have been able to help operators worldwide in their effort to consolidate and optimize their operational costs in this area.


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Support for the development and deployment of a USSD gateway and menu browser
Computaris supports the development and worldwide implementations and customizations of one of the most successful platforms worldwide, with tens of installations serving millions of subscribers for one of our partners
Development and delivery of virtual land-lines
Consolidating VAS into one platform