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An introduction to Diameter Routing Agent (II)

Why do Operators need Diameter Routing Agents? The introduction of the Diameter protocol has solved many issues, but there are still challenges that mobile operators have to face. These include: Complex routing and provisioning Multi-vendor interoperability Load balancing and overload control

Diameter – the main signaling protocol for today’s telecom networks

Once upon a time, network signaling was activated when a phone call began and ended when the two speakers hung up. Today’s mobile network operator growth is fueled by data traffic; voice has become secondary. Almost everything you do with

A developer’s perspective: Why do I like Diameter protocol?

I “learned” Diameter in 2006. I knew various protocols and I immediately took on Diameter. Because it defined the transport protocol between two nodes “speaking Diameter”, the packet format and some other notions and allowed any number of applications to

An introduction to Diameter Routing Agent (I)

What is Diameter? According to Wikipedia, “Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks and an alternative to RADIUS.” The fact is that, in comparison with RADIUS, Diameter introduced many improvements in different aspects (while still being backward-compatible)