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Is VoLTE development a life-saver or a cash-drainer for carriers?

VoLTE is a significant development, and while it might not be the complete industry game-changer some have touted it to be (it is still voice after all) it will have a huge impact on mobile operators and policy control. Launching

Challenges and opportunities of policy control in 2015

There’s surely no argument that PCRF must now move beyond supporting the requirements of its original, fairly narrow set of use cases. New technologies like VoLTE mean innovative services are expanding the range of necessary BSS/OSS, partner- and other IT-integration

How can mobile operators secure their networks from hacker attacks?

How secure is your mobile phone? Would it surprise you that it could be hacked? Probably not. If the Edward Snowden leaks are anything to go by, you probably expect the NSA, FBI, GCHQ, or another government acronym to have