Monthly Archives: October 2015

Innovative utility meter-to-cash solution showcased at European Utility Week 2015

November 3-5, 2015. Vienna. Computaris International participates in premiere at the European Utility Week organized in Vienna, Austria.

In partnership with international utilities and telecom companies, Computaris has recently developed an innovative utility meter-to-cash solution, allowing electricity supply to resident customers on a prepay basis.

Computaris hosted the monthly meeting of Bucharest Java Users Group

October 22, 2015. Bucharest. Computaris hosted of the monthly meeting of the Bucharest Java Users Group, being represented by Florin Ganea – System Architect. Florin’s presentation – Multithreading Inside Out – brought into the limelight the insides of multithreading programming, going from bare concepts

What call center conversations can tell you about your customers and employees

Speech analytics is not a new technology to the market but its benefits are still unknown to many business executives. Knowing that customer interaction via call centers is a significant communication channel for most organizations, let’s explore together the opportunities