July 2016

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Supporting Agile teams in estimates

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Computaris insights resources

How we support Agile teams in estimates

The context for how we, Scrum Masters in Computaris, support our Agile teams in estimates is given by …

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Computaris insights resources

Onshore, offshore and nearshore software outsourcing

In a previous article we discussed the options of inhouse versus outsourced software development, weighing in the pros …

Computaris insights resources

Infographic: Poland from fast emerging to leading software outsourcing provider

Since 1995 the Polish outsourcing industry has grown to be one of the world’s elite outsourcing destinations, specifically …

Computaris insights resources

Computaris building own specialized teams in IoT/M2M technologies

Computaris has taken steps in building own specialized teams in IoT/M2M technologies through Telit’s training and certification program. …

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