50 junior programmers to join the Computaris Programming Academy 2020

Computaris announces the opening of the enrollment period for this year’s edition of the Programming Academy. The Computaris Programming Academy is an an annual internship project providing student and junior programmers the opportunity to start and build a successful career in technology and telecommunications.

Computaris Programming Academy 2020
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Continuing the tradition of more than 5 years of Academies, the 2020 edition is planned to live up to its official theme “TechXpand Your Horizon” and take the internship event to a whole new level of learning and networking experience.

Computaris is looking to select 50 junior developers to join, learn and work alongside existing experts and project teams in all the 6 technical hubs hosting the Academy in Romania (Bucharest, Galati), Poland (Warsaw, Bialystok), Moldova (Chisinau), India (Noida). Depending on the preferred technology of interest, applicants can choose one of the 4 separate tech tracks in the program: Java, C/C++, QA automation and Mediation.

One of the premieres of this year is that the entire program will be rolled 100% online, from the recruitment and selection phase all through the actual internship. By leveraging technology, virtual communication channels and our own 100% work-from-home experience, we wish to offer applicants an enhanced learning experience and the full benefits of a solid community of fellow IT enthusiasts. 

We invite junior and student developers to apply and enjoy the full benefits of a theoretical and hands-on practice: paid internship, online program, community of 50 interns across 4 countries and the opportunity to continue the engagement with Computaris under a for full-time employment.

Click here for the video testimonials and insights of our last year’s interns, now members of the Computaris team.

The Programming Academy is a 6 to 8-week internship program starting in August 2020. To apply check out the event web page here and contact our recruitment team.

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