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The Computaris blog is written by IT and telecom experts
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Inspiring innovation with IoT and machine learning internal projects

As technology enthusiasts we always embrace the opportunity to experiment with the newest tech and tools. The latest internal project gave our development teams the chance to design and build PoCs and prototypes of their choice in their preferred fields


Sharpening our Agile mindset, methods and practices

Computaris team have exercised their Agile skills in a 2-day workshop organised by DOvelopers, at our office in Bucharest. The team worked (and had fun) together to develop a common understanding of agile methods and to identify practical tools to improve efficiency


Introduction to virtualization and its incredible computational power

Have you ever wondered what is the maximum clock speed a central processing unit (CPU) can achieve? Considering the technological advancements there should not be any limit but – surprisingly – the speed of commercially available CPUs have been limited