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An introduction to Diameter Routing Agent (I)

What is Diameter? According to Wikipedia, “Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks and an alternative to RADIUS.” The fact is that, in comparison with RADIUS, Diameter introduced many improvements in different aspects (while still being backward-compatible)


The challenges of voice over LTE

It seems like everyone is looking to roll out their own Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks these days. According to a GSA (Global Mobile Suppliers Association) report, over 70 LTE operators have already launched commercial services, including 25 networks launched


Computaris interview: The benefits of MVNO/MVNE’s emergence on the Romanian telecom market

Bogdan Danila, Business Unit Director at Computaris, shared with us his view on the benefits if MVNO/MVNE’s emergence on the Romanian telecom market. We invite you to read below the full transcript of our interview with him. Why do you