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The technical approach of media content delivery platforms

It’s easy to see that everything is about content these days, mobile and social. Media content delivery platforms will continue to grow and capture revenue from other mobile segments, so everyone needs to consider developing and integrating such services. But


Computaris interview: The Romanian telecom market and MVNO/MVNE opportunities

We have discussed with Nicusor Tanase, Business Development Manager at Computaris about the Romanian telecom market and its MVNO/MVNE opportunities. We invite you to read the full transcript of the interview below: What are the three words that best describe


Who won in the WiMAX vs LTE competition?

WiMAX vs LTE is an old story, but how did this story end? A few years ago, in 2007, WiMAX had a head start and also a couple of strong supporters who were already investing in such networks like Sprint