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The do’s and dont’s of multithreaded programming

In his “Multithreading inside out” webinar, Florin Ganea, Computaris System Architect and passionate programmer, defines multithreading as a beautiful thing which can take you to the sky, as easily as it can bring you down to the ground. Starting from examples of


How mobile operators can gain more power with network visibility

Network visibility can profoundly transform the complex world of mobile networks as it can comprise the big picture, but also zoom in on how their components are being used. For Business support system (BSS) teams, network visibility is about new revenue generating services. For operational support system (OSS) teams, it’s about having an impact in planning and improving the productivity of the network.


What call center conversations can tell you about your customers and employees

Speech analytics is not a new technology to the market but its benefits are still unknown to many business executives. Knowing that customer interaction via call centers is a significant communication channel for most organizations, let’s explore together the opportunities