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Creating digital value in telecom and beyond

Rigid legacy systems, overly complex IT architectures and ineffective integration of data sources: these are the main technology …

Computaris software developers at work

Software outsourcing in Eastern Europe: 2018 trends and advantages

Gartner predicts that, by 2025, every industry will be transformed by digital business, creating the demand and opportunity …

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Software development outsourcing in Europe: trends and figures

Software development outsourcing along with its on-shore, off-shore and near-shore variations are quite established practices today. But established …

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Questionnaire: the 70+ questions to answer before engaging on the road to become a successful MVNO/MVNE

We compiled a number of 74 questions that any aspiring MVNO/MVNE should answer. Download the questionnaire that guides …

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How MVNOs can overcome the challenges and take the path towards business success

The MVNO market is now over a decade old and counts more than 800 operators in Europe, America, …

Computaris mobile data whitepaper image

Mobile data policy management in the context of customer experience

Mobile data consumption is growing exponentially, putting enormous pressure on operators as they seek to address two challenges …

EU flags

What operators need to know about the 2014 EU roaming regulations

The EU roaming regulation is part of the EU digital agenda, with specific aim to increase customer protection …

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When should an MVNO invest in technology

Investing in technology is one of the three pillars – along with marketing and operations – that determine …

Computaris policy control whitepaper image

How open policy control platforms help operators save costs and launch new services fast

Developed together with our strategic partner DigitalRoute, this whitepaper examines why operators should approach open Policy Control platforms …

Man programming at three computers

Systems integration in telecommunications via a strategic mediation platform

In this paper we will take a closer look at the challenges operators face due to the increasing …

Woman taking photo with professional camera

How mobile operators gain more power with network visibility

As mobile networks are becoming increasingly complex, operators are looking for a way to cut through the noise …

Woman typing at laptop

Continuous integration: stability, reliability and speed in software development

Stability, reliability and speed are just some of the words used to describe the advantages of a software …

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