Case studies

In delivering our software projects we use a rare combination of technical expertise and client orientation. Here are some insights from our work for industry leading clients and how we contribute to their business success.

NFV SMSC application enabling operator to provide key enterprise service

VoLTE implementation for tier-1 operator awarded “best network in Austria in 2019”

jenga game

First development of Cr interface for MRF equipment by Computaris

Automated testing in migration to 5G network and the cloud

mobile phone

Software development: Custom HLR solution on top of OpenCloud service platform

Cloud solution for subscriber localization in wi-fi networks

Man programming at three computers

Testing tool: Solid combination of Diameter and Computaris plugins

Man programming at three computers

Automated testing tool: Solid combination of Diameter and Computaris plugins

innovative solution

Software development: Innovative analytics solution for datacenter network traffic

Logo of Swisscom, valuable partner of Computaris

Swisscom’s prepaid billing system: A case of successful project and solid partnership

Cloud migration of legacy cost control system

Business people meeting

Telco software vendor outsources complex IT services to Computaris

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