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SAP Hybris Billing consultancy

With more than 10 years of experience in SAP Hybris consultancy services, we have developed a unique expertise in SAP Hybris Billing solutions. We combine our SAP Hybris specific knowledge, software expertise and business understanding to help you make the most of your SAP Hybris Billing solutions.

Our experts and experience

  • up to 25 senior consultants, business analysts, solution architects, system integrators, QAs, support engineers, programmers for SAP Hybris Billing (Java programmers with deep knowledge on Open API), and project managers with hands-on experience in SAP Hybris Billing solutions: Charging, Mediation by DigitalRoute and Service Control by DigitalRoute.
  • more than 25 SAP Hybris Billing projects, including consultancy, configuration/performance tuning, migration, implementation, training, platform maintenance and support, end-to-end project delivery, design/blue printing activities.

Selected references

Some of our selected references include postal operators, communication service providers, software vendors, MVNOs, companies in the floriculture, logistics, consultancy and audit sectors.

Our sales consultant

Florin Panaitescu
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