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Computaris acknowledges the high importance testing activities have for every project’s success and cost effectiveness. We cover a wide range of services including network integration, factory acceptance, customer acceptance, integration and system testing.

By outsourcing your testing activities to our team you will be able to:

  • reduce the time to market and the costs associated with testing new products, product enhancements and validation of deployment, and system integration services
  • reduce system outage risks
  • detect bottlenecks before deploying new systems, services or upgrades
  • increase the efficiency of your testing efforts and enhance test coverage
  • predict your system behavior and performance by simulating a broad range of test scenarios

In order to provide efficient testing services, we have also developed a comprehensive, robust, modular, end-to-end automated telecom testing solution for a multitude of IT and telecom protocols, supporting both legacy and next generation services. You can request a 30-day trial version of the BSS automated test tool here.

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Ionut Dima
Senior Software Developer
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