Webinar: Future-Proofing Financial Services Companies with Intelligent Automation

View the webinar by UiPath and R Systems Computaris and gain insights into the Intelligent Automation megatrend. Find out what are the solutions that will allow financial services companies to achieve more robust engagement with customers, more efficient processes and streamlined operations.

According to a recent Gartner report, by the end of 2022, 85% of large organizations will have deployed some form of RPA. In the agile, digital-first financial services market, traditional BFSI companies need Intelligent Automation now more than ever to remain competitive.
But the future looks bright. Proven methodologies powered by UiPath RPA and R Systems’ Intelligent Automation roadmap can help financial services companies to obtain tangible results within weeks, not years.
Learn from top industry experts how to speed up the digitalization of your data and document processing, how to control fraud and security risks with automation and more:
  • how to achieve compliance, productivity & reduce errors virtually down to zero
  • how to make better decisions by leveraging analytics & data as part of the IA process
  • how to digitally transform your paper-heavy transactional operations.
More information and the slides presented during the live webinar are available here.
the recording of the live webinar by filling in the form below

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