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8 advantages of risk-based testing in telecom software projects

We have been and still are, for more than 22 years now, in the business of providing specialized software telecommunication services. During this time, we delivered most of our projects within schedule, even when some of them were complex and

Directory Structure – the heart for subscriber data management applications

The subscriberd data represents the information about the serviced entities of a communication service provider, including the subscribers’ network identification and reference, associated payment model, balance and status with the applications to which they subscribed. There has been a trend

Security breaches in SS7 networks: threats, solutions and open issues

How secure is your mobile phone? Would it surprise you that it could be hacked? Probably not. If the Edward Snowden leaks are anything to go by you probably expect the NSA, FBI, GCHQ or another government acronym to have

How to regain control over the integration spaghetti using a strategic mediation platform

One of the most challenging tasks for strategic mediation platforms is the reconstruction of the existing processing models of centralized platforms, as the new mediation hub must be placed at heart of where strategic data highways cross. Typically, this is