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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our career opportunities! We’re always looking for talented people ready to challenge our fast-paced, international environment. If you have IT and telecom skills, you have come to the right place.

What’s it like to work with us?

Here’s what our colleagues say:

Karol Wiszowaty

Karol – Team Leader

The atmosphere is certainly friendly, everybody is very helpful, and we all care for each other. We have a flexible work schedule, meet after work, have integration events, go out for beers. After 5 years, I am not bored yet. There are many different projects and interesting challenges, the market is growing very fast, the operators have a lot of new ideas we have to cater to.

Sergiu Coman

Sergiu – Solution Architect

More than once have I seen people say in other companies: this is not from me, it is from this and that. Passing responsibility – that doesn’t exist here. Everyone gets involved wherever needed to help in every way they can.

Bogdan Tudan

Bogdan – BU Director

I was treated correctly, I liked it a lot. Their key is fairness. Doing things by the book. They all have this drive, they all want to do this.

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Joining us means:

  • working with true domain professionals who identify themselves with the quality of their work;
  • appreciating a positive work climate, taking on challenges and doing new things;
  • adhering to the Caring, Innovating and Transforming values of the company and the group we are part of.

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Philippines / Manila

Couldn’t find a suitable job in our current list? Worry not! We are a dynamic company, so an opportunity may show up tomorrow. Send us your CV, and we’ll call you when we have something!