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Email privacy

This privacy policy is for subscribers to Computaris’ email communications. This policy covers what email lists we maintain, and what contact options are available from Computaris, as well as how users can update or change their information or preferences.

Computaris email policy overview

Computaris maintains a strict opt-in only policy in regard to its e-marketing communications. We only send email to individuals who have requested that these mailings be sent to them, or as part of an ongoing relationship we have with an individual or business.

Your right to control what mailings, if any, you receive from Computaris is important to us. The information below will assist you in understanding the different mailing options you have, and how you can notify us of changes in the mailings you wish to receive or to unsubscribe in general. Though we may include announcements from partners or other third parties in some communications, we do not provide email addresses to third parties.

Mailing lists and your subscription options

Proactive support and technical notifications: at peak industry times (e.g. Tax Year End) important notifications may be proactively provided to Customers. Computaris Customer Services may also send notifications regarding potential product/service issues.

New software/Services release notifications: Computaris may notify interested customers of new product/service/software release availability.

Periodic notifications on best practices and resources: Computaris maintains a list of contacts who have expressed an interest in receiving periodic announcements, and updates about telecom, IT and events; as well as marketing and product information from Computaris.

Transactional emails: Computaris typically sends an automated email confirmation when a form is completed requesting information from Computaris.

Customer support incidents and responses: responses to customer support or pre-sales support requests are handled through email, telephone or via fax.

Changing your subscription preferences

Customer and partner communications: as a Computaris customer or partner, you can update your communications preferences at any time by following the convenient links located at the bottom of emails from Computaris. Requests submitted in this manner are processed and effective immediately.

In addition, you may email a request to contact@computaris.com or reply to any Computaris requesting that your address be unsubscribed. Please be aware that unsubscribe requests submitted in this manner will take longer to process and will not be effective immediately.

Non-customer communications: as a web site visitor who has requested that we send you email updates, you can update your communications preferences or unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the relevant link within emails you receive from us. Unsubscribe requests submitted through this form are processed and effective immediately. In addition, you may email a request to contact@Computaris.com or reply to any email from Computaris requesting that your address be unsubscribed. Please be aware that unsubscribe requests submitted this way will take longer to process and will not be effective immediately.

Transactional emails: you will only receive transactional emails from Computaris when you request information. There is no need to unsubscribe from these one-time mailings.

Customer support incidents and responses: you will only receive these email responses in reply to specific support requests, or in response to technical issues detected by Computaris’ proactive monitoring. There is no need to unsubscribe from these interactive mailings.

Third party mailings: occasionally, Computaris may contract with a third party to communicate on Computaris’ behalf to the third party’s contacts. We do not collect your email address or contact information from this third party, and we do not have access to their mailing list. Depending on the nature of the third party mailing, we may, in order to comply with applicable laws, provide the third party with a suppression list of contacts to exclude from their list. The third party does not have permission to keep or market to this list, or to use it in any way other than as a suppression list for a mailing they are providing on Computaris’ behalf.

Notification of changes in this privacy policy

We may revise/change these terms of use and the confidentiality policy at any time by changing this page. Changes to this privacy policy will be posted to the www.Computaris.ro web site. Though we will not change this policy in such a way to significantly reduce a user’s expected level of privacy, we do encourage users to return to the privacy policy periodically to review the policy and to consider any changes as they are abiding to them.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The courts of the Republic of Romania will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or related to, a visit to our site. These terms of use are governed by Romanian law.