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A careful mix of knowledge,
skills and personal touch


Starting out as a software development company, we have evolved into a specialized provider of software services, system integration and technical consultancy for telecommunication providers worldwide.

In more than 20 years of activity we have developed a deep understanding of mobile operator environments while designing and managing complex systems for tier-1/tier-2 operators, leading ISVs and MVNO/MVNEs. Among our direct customers there are T-Mobile, Vodafone, Teleena, PLDT Group, Nokia, OpenCloud, DigitalRoute.

Computaris provides the highest level of telecom expertise in real time rating and charging, convergent billing, broadband data policy management, messaging, service orchestration and provisioning, mediation, subscriber data management, loyalty and churn management, covering the three main areas:

They are knowledgeable. They know both software development and the industry very well. (Chief Technology Officer, Teleena)

Our solution expert

Razvan Rusu
Presales Manager
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