Starting out in software development more than 20 years ago, we have designed and managed complex systems for tier-1/tier-2 operators, MVNO/MVNEs and leading telecom ISVs.

We have developed a deep understanding of mobile operator environments and gathered specialized expertise.
We actively transfer telecom domain knowledge and help companies from various industries to leverage technology, spur innovation and boost growth.​​​

Our telecom expertise

For customers like T-Mobile, Vodafone, Teleena, PLDT Group, Nokia, OpenCloud, DigitalRoute and many others we have delivered over 1,000 projects in the telecom industry. This expertise we gathered is successfully applied in many different industries requiring our experience in:

  • Real-time stream processing from deploying real time communication solutions at 80+ telecom operators worldwide: real-time billing and charging, real-time control of voice, SMS & data services, real-time prepaid control for voice calls
  • High-volume data processing from developing platforms and solutions to support thousands of transactions per second, in a carrier grade, redundant mode
  • Carrier-grade security requirements, strong network and firewall knowledge, covering configurations security ranging from hardware to virtualization, solution development for securing mobile networks

Our telecom portofolio

Our portfolio of telecom custom solutions and services covers the following main areas:

They are knowledgeable. They know both software development and the industry very well.
Chief Technology Officer

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