Enabling digital transformation through the cloud allows businesses to gain rapid innovation, cost optimization, closer customer connection and smooth transition from data to decision. 

We enable enterprises to fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by the cloud and attain service quality, agility, and cost savings while creating new business scenarios.

20+ years of experience in the most digitally mature industries



Application modernization

Redesign legacy desktop and web applications

Improve user experience with modern interfaces

Custom design of client-facing and internal enterprise applications 

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • Ionic
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Git
  • Node.JS

Cloud application migration

“Lift & shift” migration to cloud (Infrastructure as a Service)

Migration directly to cloud platform as a service (PaaS)

Transforming existing apps through app modernization

Redefine existing processes to take advantage of the cloud

  • Migration assessments
  • Deployment (migration execution)
  • Ongoing operations (managed services)
  • Networking services
  • Data protection services (BackupaaS, DRaaS or BCaaS)
  • Cloud security


Cloud solutions

Deploy work-from-home solutions in less than 24h and enable quick and secure access to internal apps and resources for all employees.

Our solution brings patients and doctors closer to each other

Ensure better customer retention.

Increase conversion rate, accelerate marketing performance, identify trends to predict behavior.

Unlocking business growth using public cloud features in your on data center.

Protect your business and minimize downtime with
disaster recovery solution


Cloud managed services

  • System health
  • Database
  • Application performance
  • Log analytics / alerting
  • Configuration management
  • Backup/disaster recovery
  • Identity management
  • CI/CD pipelines

  • Automated deployment strategy and implementation

  • Network monitoring system and automated action triggering




Cloud data protection

  • Externalize backups for on prem infrastructure to cloud (for vSphere, Hyper-V, physical servers and workstations to AWS or Azure)
  • Backup for Office365
  • Long-term retention services

Fully protect on prem IT services on an external cloud location (AWS or Azure)

Experience in delivering mission-critical systems and real-time, scalable and secure solutions

Cloud application development and 3rd level support with nearshore dedicated teams following the customer’s Agile delivery methodology – Scrum and Scrum of Scrums – completely integrating in its DevOps processes. 

  • Fast ramp up of 30 engineers in the first 3 months. In the meantime, the team has grown to 40+ engineers: software architects, developers, testers, DevOps and PMs.
  • Teams split into two offices in Romania working remotely alongside the customer’s UK team on product features having a volume of work of +8,000 mandays/year.

Global technology vendor initiated major cloud migration project consisting in porting a collection of bare metal applications in the core network of tier-1 operator to telco cloud VNF. By successfully porting the applications in the cloudComputaris has enabled the easier management of instances and hardware resources, increased scalability with increased number of subscribers and easier deployment of network elements. 

With a highly integrated DevOps culture between Computaris and the client’s team, the ongoing support consisted in adapting the newest development technologies and methods to the customer’s needs and custom methodology, continuously adopting the latest technologies and ultimately empowering innovation and performance.

Tested methodology, digital capabilities and cross-industry expertise

Computaris insights resources

Case studies

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Computaris insights resources


Creating digital value in telecom and beyond Rigid legacy systems, overly complex IT architectures and ineffective integration of data sources:

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Successful cloud migration and development is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Interested to take on the cloud journey with us as your expert partner? 

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