Are you looking to migrate your legacy services into the cloud or to build cloud-native applications for your enterprise or your clients? 

Computaris cloud computing services can help you enjoy the business agility, flexibility and cost savings provided by the cloud.

We support you in developing robust cloud applications by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration and integration services, as well as cloud platform expertise.



Get ready for cloud transformation with strategic consulting, planning, delivery and support. Our experts can assess the cloud readiness of your application portfolio, define the cloud reference architecture and the needed capabilities matrix.



With bring the hands-on experience of high complexity projects  to build cloud-native software, using microservices, DevOps methodology, Agile coding, building, testing and deploying software.



To migrate your legacy apps or current on-premise workload to the cloud, we port existing solutions closer to microservices architecture principles, or replace existing systems with cloud-ready solutions while keeping the same external interfaces.



Seamlessly integrate your cloud applications with on-premise or other cloud applications: cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud environments, network function virtualization (NFV) onboarding for your cloud (e.g: HEAT/TOSCA template migration).



We have solid experience with solutions deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.



Leverage your cloud environments as part of a continuous deployment model. We provide expertise to “Dockerize” applications and prepare an elastic/auto-scalable cloud deployment with Swarm/Kubernetes replication controllers and services, develop new microservices solutions, help establish good practices for a successful continuous integration setup, and establish the full continuous deployment pipeline.

Selected success stories

  • We developed a network function virtualization SMSC application on top of service delivery platform, using orchestration framework and rule engine, for global IT, technology & enterprise product company. Read the full use case here.
  • We helped tier-1 operator to migrate legacy cost control system to cloud-ready solution deployable on any cloud,  achieving horizontal scalability, service independence, easy & on-the-fly software updating. Read the full use case here.
  • We are currently developing a high availability platform located in the network of US tier 1 operator, offering external interfaces to provision, access, and manage WiFi Access Points Location data. The solution is meant to improve the location accuracy for 911 calls made over VoLTE and VoWiFi.

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