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Software development

Take advantage of our 20-year experience in providing software development services to industry leading companies worldwide. We have the talent, technologies and methodology to develop custom software matching the most demanding requirements.

Our software development services

We provide end-to-end software development services including:

Our technology expertise

Our software development services are based on the latest technologies, proven methods and processes, and our team’s top-class technical expertise. Our portfolio of technology expertise is always open to new updates so this is only a selective snapshot. For a full view or any specific technology requirements, we’d be glad to hear from you directly.

  • Development languages: C/C++, Java, PHP, Shell scripting, Ruby
  • Development frameworks: Java Enterprise Edition, Spring, JMX, JMS, JPA, Hibernate, REST, WebServices (CXF), Apache Camel
  • Testing frameworks: JMeter, SoapUI, Computaris TOP Testing Tool, Jython, Seagull
  • Cloud software development: OpenStack, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure
  • Graphical application frameworks: Vaadin, GWT, AngularJS
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis
  • Application servers: JBoss, Weblogic, OpenCloudRhino, Mobicents, Tomcat, TeleStax, Computaris framework
  • Configuration management: CVS, Subversion, Maven, Jenkins, Chef
  • Mobile, web and desktop app technologies
  • Operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows¬†for GUI
  • Telecom specific technologies: SS7, SIGTRAN, CAP, MAP, INAP, SIP, Diameter (Gx, Gy, SLh, SCAP), RADIUS, various proprietary protocols
  • Proprietary technologies: SS7 stacks (Dialogic, HP, Newnet, Ulticom, Huawei, ENEA, Excel) and platforms (Nokia, OpenCloud, Mobicents, DigitalRoute, Sandvine)

Our experts

In delivering our services we rely on our elite software development centers in Eastern Europe: Romania, Poland and Moldova. Over 200 highly skilled solution architects, software developers and test engineers can operate as a virtual extension of your proprietary software development teams.

Scale quickly your delivery capacity by hiring nearshore top talent sharing similar work culture and values to your company’s.

Our expert touch:

  • We are development partner of global provider of cloud native communication software. We provide off-site dedicated teams of highly skilled project managers, QA and software engineers complementing the customer’s own team for developing products in the area of cloud native platforms and mobile voice mail solutions. The engagement has grown from a small team to over 30 dedicated experts.
  • For European supplier of business communication solutions we provide on-site and off-site ramp-ups of teams for three parallel projects of product development and integration in the area of IMS, SIP and VoIP.
  • In our decade-long partnership with a leading European independent software vendor, we have developed over 10 solutions in rating and charging, messaging, loyalty, device management, customer care and provisioning. We delivered a broad range of customization projects worldwide with teams ranging from 10 to 60 people.

Our solution expert

Bogdan Tudan
Business Unit Director
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