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Data policy management

We have an extensive experience in delivering data policy management solutions using multiple technologies and working across heterogeneous fixed and mobile networks. As solutions may use policy products from specific vendors, we are not locked-in to a specific technology or product, always building the best solution available to meet the operator’s requirements.

Our expertise covers:

  • Policy and charging control, and deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Online charging systems for real-time data metering and charging
  • EU bill shock enforcement
  • Unified subscriber repository implementations
  • Traffic analysis and reporting

In the data plane our know-how includes:

  • Real time network monitoring
  • Congestion control and capacity planning
  • Intelligent mobile traffic offload to Wi-Fi quality of experience management
  • Web and video optimization
  • Content caching
  • Extensive network analytics and reporting

In the signaling plane we have expertise in diameter signaling and load balancing, in addition to policy and charging rules function (PCRF).

Our expert touch:

  • We supported Volubill’s R&D department by extending the policy management solution with automated customer dialogue for up-sell, bill shock and advice of service control. Our team was responsible for business logic development, including data traffic charging and control, and was also involved in support, testing and training activities. We participated in various customization projects (both for old and new PCRF solution) for operators worldwide in areas such as the provisioning gateway, data bundle management, data usage SMS notification, data bundle customizations in accordance to marketing requirements.
  • We developed a customized data metering solution for a global leader in the PCRF domain, the end customer being a top 10 mobile operator. The solution we developed from scratch provides real-time data usage, real-time throttling capabilities and the opportunity to easily launch new web connect data plans for data stick devices and entry prepaid data plans for handset devices.

Our solution expert

Razvan Rusu
Presales Manager
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