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IoT consultancy

Looking to introduce your new IoT project to the market? Before rolling it out across your enterprise, a well-planned proof of concept (PoC) is key to a successful IoT initiative. We help you design and validate your solution for overall functionality with a proof of value and turn your IoT project into reality.

We make sure you have a smooth start as you begin your IoT journey. We specialize in designing PoCs to build and prove your solution for performance, scalability, ease-of-use, and effectiveness. We help you iterate on a simple scale, test and refine the main features, and maximize control of your solution.

As an IoT solution partner we provide end-to-end consultancy covering the entire spectrum of:

  • SMART DEVICES (embedded software)
  • IoT PLATFORMS (secure, scalable, cloud-based)
  • APPLICATIONS (mobile, web and enterprise).

Our experts in the Internet of Things have built extensive hands-on experience in developing the Computaris own IoT framework, as well as various PoC across industries.

Selected PoCs

  • Fleet management app allowing the live tracking of a moving vehicle and the display of vehicle information, geo fence in and out notifications, and the geo fence location
  • Smart metering solution linking customers with their energy consumption and payments
  • Commuter management and smart parking app with ridesharing and route-matching features
  • Luggage tracking solution with device management, geo fencing and lost locating, management and reporting functions

Our expertise

In over 20 years and 1,000 projects in the telecom industry, we have built the key expertise required in the IoT domain: real-time stream processing, high-volume data processing and security.

  • We have deployed real time communication solutions at 80+ telecom operators worldwide, including real-time billing and charging, real-time control of voice, SMS & data services, real-time prepaid control for voice calls.
  • We have developed platforms and solutions supporting thousands of transactions per second, in a carrier-grade, redundant mode.
  • We have experience with carrier-grade security requirements, strong network and firewall knowledge, covering configurations security ranging from hardware to virtualization, solution development for securing mobile networks.

Interested to have an expert, fast and cost-effective tryout of your IoT solution before full-stage implementation? We’d be happy to hear from you. Please contact us below.

Our solution expert

Razvan Rusu
Presales Manager
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