Computaris voucher management solution (VMS) is a software tool which enables operators to handle the entire lifecycle of the prepaid recharge vouchers, be it virtual (e-vouchers) or scratch card types.

Our voucher management system (VMS) is a web-based application which handles the interaction with all voucher vendors, the printing house, the dealers and any other external applications (e.g. CRM) that need to use or query the status of the vouchers.

The Computaris VMS allows you to:

  • manage in a web interface the voucher lifecycle, dealer catalogue, fraud catalogues, track voucher status, allocate vouchers to dealers
  • manage the catalogue of tenants (MVNOs), recharge profiles, printing houses, dealers and to generate PINs (with unique values and customizable format per tenant)
  • attach multiple and flexible recharge profiles (unit type and value, validity type and value) to a voucher
  • ensure data security by storing and exchanging sensitive data encrypted with customizable algorithms

The solution comes with built-in reports on voucher definitions and usage by type, user activity and fraud MSISDNs. In case of attempts of fraudulent voucher usage, when defined thresholds are exceeded, the system generates email or SNMP alerts.


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