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TOP Testing Suite Free 30-day trial

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We offer you a free 30-day trial of the Computaris TOP Testing Suite. Test now its full and comprehensive functionalities for end-to-end testing, evaluation and validation of telecom services.

Computaris-TOP-Testing-Suite-helps-perform-regression-tests-quickly-and-effectively Automated and advanced testing

As already proven in use by mobile operators worldwide, TOP Testing Suite is a modular, multiprotocol and multiplatform tool that helps telecom software engineers to:

  • define and manage a broad range of test plans
  • perform advanced functional, load, performance, regression and stress testing in complex telco and IT environments
  • automatically execute various test types in different phases of system deployment and installation
  • dynamically test various protocol servers using the black-box approach

pluginInterfaces and supported protocols

TOP Testing Suite is Java-based tool combining the JMeter platform with open-source elements and Computaris plug-ins. It supports all major industry-wide IT and telecom protocols including:

  • Diameter Client and Server, with Diameter interfaces including: Ro/Gy, Rf, Gx, Sy, S6a/S6d/S6c, Sh, Cx/Dx, etc.
  • RADIUS Client and RADIUS Server Plugin enhancement, SIP, LDAP, Telnet/SSH, JDBC, SOAP/Web Services, JMS, CORBA, SMPP and SMPP Server Plugin enhancement, HTTP Server, CORBA and more.

Computaris modern subscriber management solution Main features

  • Complete portability and 100% Java-based
  • User friendly and powerful GUI for test scenarios definition
  • Multithreaded framework for concurrent sampling
  • Load and performance tests capabilities
  • Caching and offline analysis/replaying of test results
  • Available plug-ins for data analysis and visualization
  • Support for BeanShell scripting language
  • Highly extensible with pluggable samplers
  • Easy distributed testing deployment
  • Test cases saved as XML
  • Development of specialized telecom oriented plug-ins
  • Extension and support for JMeter framework

For a full description of the features, the terms of our SLA and the maintenance and support services, please contact us directly.

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You are only one click away from automating your most complex tests.
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Computaris TOP Testing Suite reduces the duration of complex migration process
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TOP Testing Suite used for building a Diameter Proxy application
Case studies Projects
Computaris TOP Testing Suite performs regression tests quickly and effectively